Charitable Foundations

There are many ways to give. A Donor can give directly to charity during his or her lifetime or at death, or can give through special tax-advantaged vehicles, including certain trusts or private foundations. These vehicles offer a variety of benefits over making direct gifts—such as a large upfront income-tax deduction, a tax-advantaged environment to grow the gifted assets, an efficient vehicle for portfolio diversification, and a mechanism for leveraging multi-generational giving. Determining which philanthropic strategy is right for a given donor depends on the donor’s unique circumstances and objectives.

The members of Sullivan, Admire & Sullivan, P.A. have created and administer eight charitable foundations with combined assets in excess of $10,000,000. They are:

  • William and Tina Rosenberg Foundation
  • Alex and Agnes I. McIntosh Foundation
  • Charles N. and Eleanor Knight Leigh Foundation
  • Ruth Anderson Foundation
  • Sain-Orr, Royak, DeForest, Steadman Foundation
  • William J. and Isobel F. Clarke Foundation
  • William K McKeehan Foundation
  • Elizabeth C. Lambertson Foundation

Gifts are made to a variety of 501C3 organizations with support generally for efforts to improve the South Florida community.

Private foundations are created by one or more individuals who share philanthropic goals. It is not just the wealthy who create private foundations. Many with modest means do so also. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your philanthropic objectives and help you determine if a private foundation is the best way to reach these goals. For more information about establishing a private foundation, please contact any of our attorneys.

For more information about the administration of any of our existing foundations, contact Pam Admire, administrator, at