Business Formation / Transactions

Choosing the appropriate business structure for a new or existing business has a significant impact on how the company will operate. At Sullivan, Admire & Sullivan, P.A., we advise clients on all types of business structures based upon the company’s goals, the owner’s wishes, and the financial consequences of each business form. We also will help draft or amend partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, articles of incorporation, articles of organization, and corporate by-laws.

Creating an estate plan can ease these common concerns:

  1. What will happen to my home and assets if I become incapacitated?
  2. Is my estate large enough to require estate planning?
  3. Who will look after my minor children or my disabled adult child?
  4. If my spouse or I need nursing home care, will we qualify for Medicaid? Will we have to sell everything for our care and then be impoverished?
  5. Do my current documents name backups in case something happens to the people I named to take care of my affairs?
  6. What if my spouse/partner and I are in a joint accident?
  7. Who will make medical decisions for me if I can’t? What if my spouse/partner and my children disagree on my treatment?
  8. What are my rights as a second spouse versus my step-children?
  9. What are the legal, financial and medical consequences of remarrying? Is a prenuptial agreement necessary?
  10. How can I keep a particular child (or in-law) from causing problems?